The Extreme Streaming All-in-One Streaming Monitor

January 23, 2020

This setup has ALMOST everything you need to make it in the live streaming world. MOST features included. Check your local RadioShack now!

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Simp Goes to Six Flags Over Texas

January 16, 2020

Before Esports Awards, the influencers hit up Six Flags Over Texas. Simp was able to take part in a few more activities than some of the others.

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HenryG Takes Flight

January 10, 2020

Before Esports Awards, the influencers hit up Six Flags Over Texas. HenryG & Charles from G2 had the pleasure of experiencing Dive Bomber Alley. It was only a little terrifying.

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Syndicate Hits A Tesla

January 9, 2020

Syndicate shows off his baseball skills at the Texas Rangers Youth Ballpark. We lost the ball in the sun, but we have faith that it was a home run.

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Hungrybox Hits Top 8 in Jigglypuff Cosplay

January 2, 2020

This man is well rested, but this cosplay is cursed. Come time for top 8 commentary, Hungrybox jumped into character at Ultimatum II.

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North Texas Rocket League's Road Through CRL

December 7, 2019

Follow North Texas through their journey at CRL Fall National Championship 2019. After falling to Arizona in the finals last year, UNT is hungry to make it back and take it all. Can they top Arizona, Northern Virginia & Akron?

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Snapshot | North Texas Rocket League

December 6, 2019

We sat down with the University of North Texas Rocket League team ahead of CRL Fall Championship 2019. We discuss plays from the 2018 Fall Championship, the dynamic of a new 3rd & more.

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This Boomer Attends ECS

December 5, 2019

After the semi-successful events at LANFest, Corey "Cor" Dunn decides to build upon his relationship with Jordan and take him to ECS Season 8 Finals. There may be a few stumbles, but Corey thinks this is definitely another success.

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This Boomer Plays CS:GO

November 6, 2019

Corey "Cor" Dunn may be a boomer, but he is ready to play some Counter-Strike. He is driven to win the tournament to get his son Jordan back and bring the family together.

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Life After the Modern Warfare Beta

October 25, 2019

Life has been rough for Joe since the Modern Warfare beta went down. He froze himself, leaving a video for whoever found him. Did he make it to Modern Warfare launch day?

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