Origin of SBMM

September 25, 2020

Ever wonder how SBMM ended up in your favorite game? We got to the bottom of it.

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Video Games IRL: Warzone Gulag

September 18, 2020

It can be a rough time when Jon plays Warzone with his buddy. They get thrown in the gulag and Tyler can't wait to help him out!

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Rostermania: Esports Stadium Arlington

September 2, 2020

After a top 12 placement at Champs (12 out of 12 teams), Esports Stadium Arlington is making some offseason moves to accommodate the change to 4v4. Time to find out who doesn't make the cut!

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Behind the Scenes: My Hero Academia Voice Actor Tournament

July 15, 2020

For FunimationCon 2020, the team organized some of the biggest names in voice acting to duke it out in My Hero One's Justice 2. The event, hosted by Kenny Omega, included names like Kyle Hebert, Ricco Fajardo, and Chris Sabat! Take a look behind the scenes of how the event came together.

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Behind Reload Collegiate CS:GO Invitational

June 4, 2020

When an unfortunate situation unfolded worldwide, the team at Esports Stadium Arlington had to adjust their plans for a CS:GO collegiate event. 28 teams, 14 straight days and support from the US Army. This is how a team of eight made it happen.‍

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Quarantine Gamer Struggles

March 21, 2020

Joe is trying to enjoy some Warzone during his social distancing, but his mom calls in the middle of a game. His mom thinks he is out but he has been living the quarantine life for years.

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Warzone on the Clock

March 11, 2020

Joe is addicted to Warzone and is trying to get some games in before Nick notices. Can he get the win?

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Esports Stadium Intern Applicants Are...Great?

February 28, 2020

The Esports Stadium internship applications have kicked off. Interviews have begun and they'll see.

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The Extreme Streaming All-in-One Streaming Monitor

January 23, 2020

This setup has ALMOST everything you need to make it in the live streaming world. MOST features included. Check your local RadioShack now!

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Simp Goes to Six Flags Over Texas

January 16, 2020

Before Esports Awards, the influencers hit up Six Flags Over Texas. Simp was able to take part in a few more activities than some of the others.

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